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    About Tonsils

    Tonsils are two small glands in the back of the mouth that help to fight infection. They are located on the sides of the throat and are a part of the lymphatic system. 

    The tonsils are immune system organs that are attached to the back of your throat. They are the only part of the lymphatic system that is visible and the only organs that have a covering of lymph vessels. Their primary functions are to provide the immune system protection against pathogens and to produce white blood cells.

    Despite the many roles tonsils play in your health, not a lot of people know much about them. To break the confusion and lack of clarity surrounding tonsils, the list below explores random facts that you may not know.

    Putting the Spotlight on Your Tonsils: What to Know


    1. There are Four Kinds of Tonsils

    Tonsils can be classified into four types: palatine, pharyngeal (adenoid), lingual, and tubal. The palatine tonsils are the ones located at the back of the mouth and the uvula. They are the most common type and are referred to as "pharyngeal" tonsils. 

    The pharyngeal tonsils are located in the back of the throat. These are known as adenoids and are just above the pharyngeal part of the nasal cavity. They are the biggest type of tonsils and can make breathing problems worse.

    The lingual tonsils are located on the sides of the throat and form a low band that surrounds the tongue. They are the smallest of the four types.

    1. Adenoid Tonsils can Block Breathing and Cause Facial Deformities When Swollen or Enlarged

    The adenoid tonsils are located at the back of the nose, just above the throat. The adenoid is divided into two pairs: the large maxillary adenoids and the smaller palatine adenoids. This is the sinus part of the nose that is often associated with snoring and adenoid enlargement.

    In some cases, the adenoids can grow so large that it causes a person to breathe using their mouth, which can result in facial deformities in children due to the stress put on their developing bones. If the adenoids get too large and block the airway, it can cause sleep apnea and make it difficult to breathe.

    1. You Can Remove Your Tonsils Without Compromising Your Immune System

    The whole idea of removing tonsils was grounded on the notion that they're essential to the immune system. Although that is accurate, it's also true that they can cause problems and infections, thus, a lot of people choose to remove them.

    A removal procedure for tonsils is called a tonsillectomy and is one of the most common surgeries performed in children and adults. 

    1. In the Past, Tonsillectomies Were Done for Odd Reasons 

    Tonsillectomy is a common procedure performed on the tonsils. The removal is done in order to help those who suffer from frequent sore throats, tonsillitis, and even sleep apnea. Nonetheless, tonsils have been removed in the past for reasons that are not consistent with the reasons today.

    For example, bed-wetting, hoarseness, or conditions like bronchitis and asthma often prompted tonsillectomy surgery many years ago.

    Up until the 1980's, tonsillectomies were done routinely on children until it was determined to be not medically necessary which is why there are a lot more young people who have tonsils and experience tonsil related issues.

    The Bottom Line: All About Your Tonsils

    Having healthy tonsils is a must because they play a great role in keeping the lymphatic system healthy. In order to help you protect your tonsils and keep them healthy, it's best to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and avoid risky behaviors like smoking. If these methods don't work, it might be time to consider getting a tonsillectomy.

    It's still important to note that tonsils can be removed without any risk to the immune system. With the right precautions and precautionary measures, it doesn't have to be the end of the world.

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