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Tonsil Stone Removal at Home

Remove tonsil stones at home?

How to Remove Tonsil Stones at Home?

People are using all sorts of tools at home to try and remove their tonsil stones. Tonsil tissue is soft and should be treated with care. Finger nails for example, can cut the soft tonsil tissue and can cause secondary infections. Chopsticks, pencils, bobby pins, etc., are not designed to be in the back of someone’s mouth!


We surveyed over 400 people on reddit and here are the things people are using!


Off-label tonsil stone removal items


How to get rid of Tonsil Stones

  • Small tonsil stones may dissolve or dislodge quickly, even on their own. 
  • A person might cough, and this could be enough to completely dislodge the tonsil stones.
  • If tonsil stones are ignored and symptoms continue to get worse, they could last for years.
  • If a stone is continuing to grow despite increasing hygiene and consistent removal, it might be time to seek professional assistance. 
  • For most situations, Tonsil Tech's tonsil stone removal device is the safest, most hygienic, and easiest way to remove tonsil stones at home.

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Problems with current Tonsil Stone removal methods

People have been removing tonsil stones for years, what's the problem?

The problem is lack of safety and effectiveness. People recommend all sorts of remedies such as sticking unsafe items in the throat that can cause injury and chocking, strict dietary changes, and gargling routines that are somewhat effective at best. See the problem? 

None of these options are safe, comfortable, easy-to-use, long term solutions. 

Tonsil stones are a topic that people like to sweep under the rug. As with most taboo subjects, individuals try to handle it on their own to avoid embarrassment. This causes the problem to never actually getting fixed.


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How Tonsil Tech helps remove tonsil stones

There are currently no good at home tonsil stone removal device on the market. Which is why we started tonsil tech! We are tonsil stone sufferers creating solutions for tonsil stone sufferers. Just like you, we wanted a better solution when dealing with tonsil stones.

Tonsil Tech is engineering devices specifically for tonsil stone removal. 

  • Soft material for delicate tonsil tissue to avoid pain, lacerations, and infections
  • Patented Teardrop Tip is designed to easily fit in tonsil pits and scoop tonsil stones so there is no gagging or swallowing of the tonsil stone once dislodged
  • Safety wrist lanyard to prevent choking
  • 3D printed with no small parts that could fall into throat
  • Super bright LED suction cup light to help see the tonsils
  • Starter kit pouch to make carrying devices day-to-day or travel more convenient
  • High-quality made in the USA


How to know if you have Tonsil Stones?

1)Take a look in the bathroom mirror over the sink with a flashlight

2) Push your tonsils forward to get a better look at your tonsil pits

3) Consider asking someone for help since stones can hide in tonsil pits

4) Friend or family sniff test - does your breath have a strong, pungent sulfur smell? Well, you might have tonsil stones

5) Ask your dentist if the stones showed up in your panoramic dental x-ray


Tonsil Stone Symptoms

Throat discomfort, bad breath, trouble swallowing, ear pain, and tonsil redness are a few common tonsil stone symptoms.

The best way to prevent tonsil stones is through regular oral hygiene such as mouth wash routines and brushing teeth twice per day. Tonsil stones are not always a result of poor hygiene, but consistent oral health will help in prevention.

If you are experiencing headaches, exhaustion, vomiting, or stomach pain, then seek professional help. These symptoms reflect tonsillitis which is generally resolved by removing the tonsils.


Tonsil stone prevention options

Should I be concerned about Tonsil Stones?

No. Tonsil stones are usually harmless, besides causing temporary discomfort and other mostly harmless side effects. Tonsil stones are common as well, approximately 31 million Americans experience tonsil stones each year.

Although tonsil stones aren't usually dangerous, they could be a warning sign to begin practicing more structured oral hygiene. The same bacteria that cause tonsil stones are also responsible for tooth decay and gum disease. If not treated over a long period of time, they could eventually become a problematic hotbed of bacteria. 

If you get tonsil stones, you don't need to be too concerned but it would be a good idea to understand what's causing them and take appropriate precautions.


    Which doctor to ask about tonsil stones?


    Ear Nose & Throat Specialist (ENT)

    • ENTs are the most qualified medical professionals to discuss tonsil stones with.
    • Most patients need to have a referral from another medical professional to be seen by an ENT and it can be more expensive than a normal medical visit.
    • Considering a tonsillectomy? Your general practitioner or dentist can refer you to an ENT to discuss your options


    General Practitioner

    • Typically recommend preventive routines such as gargling with salt water or trying to dislodge the stone with an off-label device like a toothbrush, water pik, earwax remover, or other at home tools.
    • If symptoms are severe, they might refer you to an ENT.


    Dentist & Dental Hygienist

    • Dentist generally ignore tonsil stones when they see them in x-rays or notice the smell coming from a patient during an exam because it is not their medical area of expertise.
    • If symptoms are severe or a patient requests, they might refer you to an ENT.


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