September 21, 2021 2 min read

    Tonsil stone removal options

    In the past, there have not been any tools available specifically designed for tonsil stone removal. This has lead to some creative but problematic tool ideas people have shared in our surveys and interviews including fingers, Q-tips, toothbrushes, ear wax removers, water flossers, etc.

    Unfortunately, these tools may actually cause more harm than good, because they may be too small to be safe, or have sharp edges or high velocities that can cut tissue. 

    We understand the frustration and the desperation to remove the stinky stones before important events but the tonsil tissue is delicate and should be treated with care. 


    Why we started Tonsil Tech

    My co-founder and I have tonsil stones and we tried all these options and none of them effectively solved the problem. With our bioengineering backgrounds, we knew there had to be a better way!

    Tonsil Tech - premium tool kit for tonsil stone removal

    Tonsil Tech Tonsil Stone Removal Kit was designed specifically for removing tonsil stones. This means the tool is long enough to reach the tonsils, it is made of a soft plastic material so there are no sharp edges or points and it was manufactured in the United States.


    How it works

    The Tonsil Tech tools are designed to be gently inserted into a tonsil crypt. Once in the crypt, the tool is rotated to capture the tonsil stone and then removed from the mouth. The stone can then be removed from the tool by tapping it or flushing it with clean water.

    After use, the tools should be washed and dried and then stored until next time. 

    What's included

    The Tonsil Stone Removal Kit comes in two options, the Full Kit includes all 3 sizes of the tools (1-3 mm tips) and the Singles include 1 tool in either small, medium or large. Each tool comes with a connected wrist strap so you can be confident that you won't drop your tool while you’re using it!

    The Singles are effective for common tonsil stone situations and the Full Kit is perfect for handling ALL tonsil stone sizes and situations.


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    If you are interested in safely and easily removing tonsil stones at home, then shop Tonsil Tech and get ready for tonsil stone relief!

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