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Tonsil Stone Removal at Home.

Devices engineered specifically for removing tonsil stones.

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About Tonsil Tech

We are a team of bioengineers on a mission to develop devices specifically for the safe and pain-free removal of tonsil stones. We believe this issue hasn't been adequately solved and we are excited to take it on.

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What Are Tonsil Stones?

Current Tonsil Stone Removal Options

Tonsil stone removal home current options such as fingers, ear wax removers, q-tips, etc.

Home Removal

People are using all sorts of tools to remove tonsil stones such as fingers, Q-tips, waterpiks, earwax removers, etc. These tools are ineffective and can cause risk of choking, infection, and discomfort.

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Diet changes to reduce tonsil stones such as reducing coffee and alcohol.


Expensive daily mouth washes and dietary changes such as eating more garlic and onions but less coffee, dairy, and alcohol. 

That's a big ask - We run on coffee!

Tonsil stone prevention by such as tonsillectomy, coblation cryptolysis, and laser tonsil cryptolysis.


Laser Tonsil Cryptolysis: Tonsil crypts resurfaced using a laser.

Coblation Cryptolysis: Tonsil crypts resurfaced using radio frequency & saline.

Tonsillectomy: Remove tonsils completely.

Surgery is a last resort as these procedures have severe health risks, pain, and recovery time. Please consult a doctor if you think this is the right step for you.

We are Tonsil Tech!

An Innovative Solution

We are working hard to provide the most effective tonsil stone removal devices and a trusted resource for all your tonsil stone needs.

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Tonsil Tech's Features

Flexible material icon for tonsil stone removal.

Soft Material

3D printed in soft material for delicate tonsil tissue to avoid pain, lacerations, and infection.

Teardrop tip icon for tonsil stone removal.

Patented Teardrop Tip

Patented teardrop tip is designed to easily fit in tonsil pits and scoop tonsil stones.

Reduced choking icon for tonsil stone removal.

Safety Strap & No Small Parts

Safety strap & no small parts to prevent chocking hazard.

Light icon for tonsil stone removal.

Suction Cup Light

Super bright LED suction cup light to help see the tonsils hands-free.

Do you get tonsil stones?

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