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The perfect tool kit for tonsil stone removal.

Premium tools engineered to easily remove tonsil stones.

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About Tonsil Tech

We are a team of bioengineers on a mission to develop tools specifically for the safe and easy removal of tonsil stones. We suffer from tonsil stones and when we couldn't find a good solution, we decided to make one ourselves.


Teardrop tip icon for tonsil stone removal.

Teardrop Tip

Patent pending Teardrop Tip designed to easily fit in tonsil pits and scoop tonsil stones.

Tonsifix Tonsil Stone Re0moval Kit by Tonsil Tech 3D printed in the USA in high-quality flexible material.

3D Printed in USA

High-quality 3D printed in the USA with flexible material for soft tonsil tissue.

Tonsifix starter kit tonsil stone remover travel pouch by Tonsil Tech.

Travel Pouch

Washable travel pouch for clean storage and ease on-the-go.

Light icon for tonsil stone removal.

Suction Cup Light

Super bright LED suction cup light to help see the tonsils hands-free.


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What are Tonsil Stones?


Finally - a better solution!

Ready to take the next step to tonsil stone relief & improved self-esteem? Don't wait! Get tonsil stones out & get on with your life!