TonsiFIX Tonsil Stone Removal Kit

    TonsiFIX Kit Option
    TonsiFIX Tonsil Stone Removal Kit - Premium by Tonsil Tech

    What’s included

    TonsiFIX Tonsil Stone Removal Tools with safety wrist straps. Super bright LED suction cup mirror light. Travel pouch for clean storage and ease on-the-go. Free shipping!

    For the price of going out to dinner, you can get tools that will improve your quality of life by ending your tonsil stone frustrations.

    How it works

    Return policy
    We offer a 30-day return policy. If you've tried other tonsil stone removal options and haven't been satisfied, then you should definitely give TonsiFIX a try risk-free!

    The TonsiFIX Advantage

    Teardrop Tip

    Patent pending design to gently fit in tonsil pits & scoop tonsil stones.

    Storage Pouch

    Convenient washable pouch for clean storage & ease on-the-go.

    Mirror Light

    Super bright LED suction cup mirror light to see your tonsils hands-free.

    Made in USA

    Made with high-quality medical grade material & safe for soft tonsil tissue.

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