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    January 05, 2022 2 min read

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    Where Tonsil Tech started

    In 2017, Sydney and Jessy were studying bioengineering at Oregon State University and had to come up with a list of health problems that needed solutions for their senior project. They were surprised to find they both had tonsil stones at the top of their lists! Their project went on to win several class awards.

    After college, they moved to the Bay Area to work at startups doing process engineering for medical device components, automation engineering in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and 3D printing oral medical devices.

    But they still wanted to find a solution for tonsil stones some day...


    Sydney and Jessy, founders of Tonsil Tech

    Why Sydney and Jessy wanted a solution for tonsil stones

    Sydney and Jessy both got tonsil stones and they hated it! The bad breath would make them self-conscious so they felt like they needed to remove them. The problem was, there weren't any good options for tonsil stone removal!

    • They tried using their fingers but they were too large to accurately get into the tonsil pits and remove tonsil stones which left them with sore throats or accidentally swallowing the stone (YUCK!!).
    • They tried everything under the bathroom sink and all of the off-label tonsil stone removers on Amazon such as earwax removers, toothbrushes, pimple poppers, Q-tips, waterpiks, etc. and they all had issues! Some were too short to reach the tonsils, some were too sharp/powerful for delicate tonsil tissue resulting in sore/infected tonsils, some only dislodged the stone rather than remove it, and some had small detachable parts which is a choking hazard.
    • They also tried expensive daily mouthwashes that had complicated/confusing routines and couldn't fix their tonsil stone situation in the moments when they needed it most.
    • And diet changes, some small studies suggest that reducing consumption of dairy, alcohol, caffeine, and several other normal dietary staples might reduce tonsil stones for some people. But who wants to give all that up?


    Tonsil Tech officially incorporates

    In 2020, Sydney and Jessy officially launched Tonsil Tech with their 3rd cofounder, Daniel, an experienced marketer in consumer product startups. The team moved to Bend, OR to their current headquarters where they would start developing solutions for tonsil stones.

     TonsiFIX Tonsil Stone Removal Kit by Tonsil Tech

    First product - TonsiFIX Tonsil Stone Removal Kit

    Tonsil Tech started selling the TonsiFIX Tonsil Stone Removal Kit, the first product engineered specifically for tonsil stone removal in the Summer of 2021. 

    Our tools are 3D printed in the USA and made of a high-quality flexible material for soft tonsil tissue. Our patent pending Teardrop Tip is designed to easily fit in tonsil pits and scoop tonsil stones. We include a convenient travel pouch for clean storage and a super bright LED suction cup light to help see the tonsils hands-free.

    Join the thousands of people using the TonsiFIX Kit to safely and easily remove tonsil stones!

    Shop now to see why the TonsiFIX Tonsil Stone Removal Kit is the safest, easiest, and fastest tonsil stone removal solution on the market! Remove tonsil stones fast and get back to feeling confident!


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