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  • Tonsil Stones Smell

    What do tonsil stones smell like? Tonsil stones are often described as smelling like sulfur and rotten eggs. The strength is noted as strong, p...
  • Tonsil Stones: 101

    Tonsil Stones: 101 - All the basics about tonsil stones in one place!

  • Tonsil Stone Removal at Home

    Did you know people often put their health at risk by dislodging tonsil stones with their fingers, a q-tip, or toothbrush? At Tonsil Tech, we realized there has to be a better solution. Our tool effortlessly removes pesky tonsil stones. Say hello to minty fresh breath and increased confidence. Tonsil stones can cause fatigue, discomfort, and irritation if left untreated. The good news is, most of the time, tonsil stones do not require a trip to the doctor. Read the full article to learn more.